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Shredded Wheat Cereal


Over the decades, there have been quite a few different cereal varieties that have been released.  Consumers have tended to show some clear preferences for certain types of cereals, and producers have responded in kind.  Some of them will be interested in tracking down the different types of cereal that are available to them.  For… Read More

Cereals with Fiber

All cereals come from one of the primary grain crops. There are hundreds of different varieties, but all come from grass plants that contain a variant of edible seeds or kernels known as caryposis. Grain crops are processed before being made into cereals to be eaten in the home. The most common types of cereal… Read More

What are the different kinds of cereal?

7 Types of Cereals to Jump-Start Your Mornings What are the different kinds of cereal? If this is the query at the top of your mind, fret not, as we have charted out a list of the best morning cereals out there, with all the different varieties of cereals thrown in. Read on! The Common… Read More

Muesli Cereal


Muesli was created around the turn of the century by a Swiss doctor as a healthy meal for his patients. Muesli cereal is based on rolled oats and several other grain products mixed with a wide variety of nuts, seeds and fruits. The main difference between muesli cereal and the typical granola is that granola… Read More

Healthy Cereal Brands to Brighten Your Day


There are several brands of cereal that people would consider healthy. These brands are rich in essential vitamins and minerals. Fiber and protein are two of the most important sources, and all healthy cereal brands will have included them. As a general rule of thumb, cereal brands that have a mascot typically arn’t healthy. These… Read More

Top Healthy Cereal List


Sometimes, it is hard to find the healthiest cereals in the grocery store. Some of the most popular brands still include ingredients like sugar and high fructose corn syrup that take away from the cereal’s nutritional value. It is important to use a healthy cereal list when making your selection to avoid impulsively buying a… Read More